Adopt a shelter pet on Save Charlie Day

Adopt a shelter pet on Save Charlie Day

The Save Charlie Act ended the practice of euthanizing animals in the Miami-Dade animal shelter except in extreme cases. Save Charlie Day, Dec. 15, is dedicated to promoting pet adoptions and shining a light on Miami-Dade County’s lifesaving mission, as well as our commitment to maintaining love and care for our shelter animals.

Rescue adoption is growing in popularity. In honor of Save Charlie Day, all adoption fees for pets four months and older will be waived for the day. Adopters are only responsible for the $30 license/tag fee. 

Join us on Saturday, Dec. 16 at the Pet Adoption and Protection Center in Doral as we celebrate Save Charlie Day with a lively pet adoption event. Enjoy food and drinks, activities for the whole family, and let a shelter pet save you. Admission is free and adoptions fees waived for pets older than four months. Adoption fees for puppies younger than four months are $85 and kittens are $35. All adoptions include the first set of age-appropriate vaccines, microchips, deworming and spay/neuter surgery.

This Save Charlie Day, make adoption your only option.

The Save Charlie initiative established by the Board of County Commissioners highlights our community’s commitment to maintaining a 90 percent or greater save rate. We are proud to have reached our goal of increasing adoption year after year since 2015. Euthanasia rates at our shelter have plummeted as we limit euthanasia except in cases where an animal proves to be a danger to the public with a poor prognosis for rehabilitation or an animal is suffering from an incurable or painful condition.

Save Charlie Day reminds all County residents that when they adopt a shelter pet, they help save lives. We urge the community to join our lifesaving mission and make adoption the only option when adding a new four-legged family member to their pack. Each animal asks only for a person to give it tender, loving care. You can be that person.

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