Homestead Senior High receives college board 2002 Inspiration Award

Homestead, FL- Homestead Senior High School recently was honored with the
College Board 2002 Inspiration Award for its outstanding efforts in overcoming
significant challenges to help students succeed in school and go to college. The
award will be presented at the school, 2351 S.E. 12 Ave., Homestead, on
Thursday, May 9 by College Board President Gaston Caperton with Gov. Jeb Bush.

The College Board awarded the school $25,000 to continue its efforts to reach
out and serve students who might have fewer opportunities to succeed were it not
for the school’s commitment and creativity.

Homestead Senior High achieved its successes despite daunting challenges.
Following Hurricane Andrew in 1992, which left the majority of the school’s
facilities &endash; and much of the community &endash; in ruins, Homestead
Senior High School saw a near overnight change in the student demographics,
including rapid growth in limited English proficiency students and students from
low socioeconomic backgrounds.

Serving more than 3,000 students, Homestead has found innovative ways to spur
students to pursue academic achievement and higher education that include the
opportunity for dual enrollment at a nearby community college.

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