A Tale of Two cities

Florida City-Homestead tribute to African-American pioneers and superlative leaders

By Keith Faggen

Rich in history, however always told, a community vision has come true. Articles
and photos of outstanding African-American founders and pathfinders from Florida
City/ Homestead will be featured in the newfound “Reflections Room” at Phichol
Williams, Sr. Community Center.

The ribbon cutting ceremony took place Friday, April 19, 2002 from 3 p.m. to 7
p.m. and continues with a banquet at 6:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 20 at the
Phichol Williams, Sr. Community Center, 951 SW Fourth Street in Homestead. As an
effort to educate and stimulate the minds of local residents, youth and
visitors, Homestead’s Willie Brown launched an all-out campaign to pay homage
and tribute to individuals who have made an everlasting impact and profound
contributions towards the development and growth of both Florida City and
Homestead communities.

“We wanted to do this in February. But after thinking this through, our
committee realized it is time for African-Americans to start learning about the
works and contributions of our leaders year-round,” said Brown, committee
organizer. The committee that coordinated and planned the event believed it
would be quite fitting and appropriate to honor individuals on a local level who
have paved the way for residents today. One of the highlighted features will be
a “Wall of Fame” with pictures of honorees that will remain on display at the
center. Brown said,

“Another attribute will be establishing and opening a room where frequenters can
reflect on days gone pass by reading articles, reviewing photos on the life &
contributions of these great people from various categories.” The categories
will recognize the following groundbreakers from both past and present.

Literary: Joe Adside, Jessie Robinson Sr.

Law Enforcement: Willie Hodge, M. Goodwin, Anthony McKay, Pete Jones, Ed Smith,
Al Rolle, Clifford Hollis, Jerald Ferguson, Ozell Williams

Military: Col. David Adderly, Sgt. Major Curtis Ziegler, Chief Warrant, Officer
Wallace Addaway, Florida Bell Chapman-Major Bell Civic: Daisy Jackson, Mary
Russell, Doris Ison, Gertrude Mackey,Maudie Richardson, Mae Helen Lightburn,
Matilda Christian, Mayola Haymore, Ida Robinson, Corrine Mays, Altomeese Mays,
Thomasina Simpson, Raymond Larry, Phichol Williams, Sr., Lorraine Thomlin,
Georgiana Hughley, Ernestine Seymour

Agriculture/Farmers: Mose Griffin, Sam Barnett, Jimmy Davis, Bob Adside

Politics: Yvonne Brassfield, Roscoe Warren, Otis Wallace, Tommy Dorsett, Eugene
Berry, Juanita Smith, Israel Andrews, Henry Duhart, Ralphu Williams, Moses Mose

Religion: Reverends Faison, McQueen, Ferguson, Black, Bishop Charlie Williams

Medical: Connie Dingle Athletics: Jimmy Mackey, Willie Carpenter, Willie
Middlebrooks, Harold Brown, Charlie Whipple, Harvey Clayton, Charlie Lee

Fire Fighters/Emergency: Oscar Brennan, Willie Allen “Red” Dorsett

Business: T.S. Zeigler, James Howard, Julius Richardson, Ely Jennings, Essie
Collins, Joe Clair, Jessie Robinson, Sr., Joe Plair, Cora Dorsett, Remey Clark

Education: Fannie Turner, Laura Saunders, Dr. Ida Whipple, Ernestine Seymour,
Chandler Childs, Ralph Williams, Johnny Brown, Joe Adside

Entertainment: Rosie Lee Horn, The Lamars, T.T.F., B.V.S.M.P. Broadcast: David
E. Smith, Ed Smith, Willie Brown, W.M. Smiley

Other Historical Facts:

James Robinson Barbershop/ Taxi Cab Restaurant – First Black owned and operated;
Luther Johnson – First Black owned store; Tony McCray – First Rooming House; Ed
Terry – Grocery Store/Packing House/Rental Property; Elijah Perry – Night Club;
Dennis Mills – First Black Store Owner/Grocery Store Wild Turkey; Annie Daniel –
Rooming House; Nelson Kelly – Owned and Operated First Black Cleaners; James
Howard – Bar/Liquor Establishment/ Rental Property; Blanche Pappy – Owned and
Operated First Black Fish Market/Bar

The committee is seeking assistance from descendants, family members and/or
friends to provide photos or articles that will help make this even one they can
be proud of. These are the pioneers from Florida City/ Homestead. They are:
Diane Thurston, Freddy Hopkins, Carl Hart, Alec Berry, Annie & Peg Maxwell,
Janet McPhee, Bud & Rose Parker, Cleveland Thurston, Tony McCray, Ed Terry,
Elijah Perry, Dennis Mills, Annie Daniels, Nelson Kelly, Blanche Pappy and Joe
Clair. If you need more information about the event or have any photos or
articles about the above mention persons, please contact Willie Brown at
305-247- 9306 or Nancy Sands at 305-248-7586.

© 2002 South Dade Monitor, Inc.