The Sky’s the limit

By Johnathan Cox

There are women...then there are women who believe nothing is out of reach.
Enjoying the life of a homemaker, wife and mother are just some of the typical
things that are expected by society. However, like any other human species on
earth, women toooutside of being a housewifehas dreams of their own. This is the
message hard working Yvonne? of Clothing Unlimited wants to send to other women
sitting on the crest.

“I want to be empowered to make a difference,” Yvonne, said.

She doesn’t see herself as a superwoman, but just an average woman that wants to
be her own boss and give back to the community.

“ Raising a community is like raising a family,” she expressed. ”You have to
take good care and tend to the need of your customer as if they were your
adopted mother, father, brother, sister or child.”

The cuddly little shop in Florida City exudes warmth that says, ‘come on in and
let us show how great your shopping experience can be. Originally from New York
City Yvonne?, was actually raised in Puerto Rico.

She Came to Florida in 1979 and worked in the hotel industry for 17 years.

Working in such an enduring field, Yvonne was able to extract a tremendous
amount of experience in customer service and motivation, which gave her the
courage to venture into her own personal business. She started at home making
crafts for the house. After visiting several flea markets and collecting
research, a short time later, she felt the time was right to open a little store
of her own at Bargain-Town Flea Market in Princeton, FL.

“ I met many people of different nationalities to which I bonded immediately, “
she said. “ This helped me identify with the needs and likes of many people
considering the multitude of cultures here in South Dade.” Yvonne quickly
realized -while based at the flea market- opening her store only on the weekends
gave her access to only a number of people at the flea market.

She decided to relocate in Florida City on West Palm Dr. across from the
Community Bank, and named the store Clothing Unlimited Corp.

“Now, “ she said, “ We can offer the communities and surrounding areas, quality
clothes at a very low cost throughout the week, as well as the weekends.” She

“Since I’ve been in Florida City, I have found warmth in the people whom I’ve
met and the patrons that have visited the store. Those same customers said that
they are just as happy and pleased as I am that a quality and low cost store has
come into their neighborhood.”

The Clothing Unlimited offers a great range of quality clothes for not just low-
income families, but for any family that want to save money. What separates
Clothing Unlimited apart from most stores is the exertion of energy and
enthusiastic smiles portrayed by Yvonne and her sales staff. The comfortable
environment is what makes it a pleasure for the customer to shop. Which is truly
the trademark of outrageously good customer service.



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