The South Dade Monitor is an English language newspaper published twice a month in South Miami-Dade County, Florida. We are the first and only newspaper in the history of Florida City. We serve all areas and communities of deep South Dade and pay close attention to those that are struggling. Our focus is on those issues that affect South Dade’s socioeconomic base. We cover all of the areas of deep South Dade, from Richmond Heights to Florida City, including our Caribbean population which also benefits from our publication’s coverage.

Our mission is to help unite all of the diverse communities that live, work and play in the areas located in the southernmost sections of the county, by providing them with the best possible information that may serve their needs. The Monitor prints international, national, state and local news. Our emphasis is on business, education, health, lifestyles and much more. Distribution of the South Dade Monitor begins at 5,000 copies per issue. With the support of our readers and the local businesses, we expect this publication to rise to more than 10,000 copies per issue in less than 12 months.