Queensland Health to rollout e-rostering in 2024 and more briefs

Queensland Health to rollout e-rostering in 2024 and more briefs

Queensland Health to turn digital for rostering

Queensland Health has announced that it will implement an electronic rostering system for its nursing and midwifery workforce by late 2024. 

The move is part of initiatives that it is taking in response to the yearly recommendations by the Queensland Audit Office. The state health department is known to manage over 125,000 employees across more than 893,000 shifts every two weeks.

It will later expand the e-rostering system to other occupational groups progressively. 

Regional WA rolling out Magentus’ oncology record 

The Western Australia Country Health Service (WACHS) will start rolling out Magentus’ Charm Evolution centralised oncology patient record.

This implementation follows that at South Metropolitan Health Service last month.

NSW radiology practice enhances appointments

San Radiology & Nuclear Medicine, a medical diagnostic imaging centre run by the private Sydney Adventist Hospital, has recently tapped healthcare communications provider Foxo to assist with its digital transformation.

Foxo has streamlined communication across the New South Wales-based radiology practice by consolidating its disparate channels and integrating with the AGFA HealthCare Enterprise Imaging Platform. 

The implementation “almost immediately” resulted in a 9% increase in outpatient appointments and a 12% rise in total MRI appointments, it claimed. Moreover, it has facilitated contextual communication among staff for protocolling.