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Power Up to cyber-space at Covenant Baptist Church

PowerUp has come to Covenant Missionary Baptist Church. An ‘American Promise’
delivered by retired General Colin Powell in his attempt to educate America’s

The Alliance for Youth, is a national crusade dedicated to mobilizing people
from every sector of American life to build character and strengthen core
competencies in our nation’s youth by fulfilling “Five Promises:” An ongoing
relationship with a caring adult PowerUP partners with full time trained staff
from other volunteer organizations to provide ongoing relationships between
technically skilled adults and students at each site. Safe places and structured
activities Everyday, young people can spend a significant amount of non-school
time in secure, supervised and adequately equipped PowerUP sites. Using safe
surfing skills, a significant amount of structures activity is accessible via
the web.

Healthy start

Young people can obtain online information about: preventive health care, fun
activities, involving healthrelated, health lifestyle and behavior choices and
nutrition. Marketable skills through effective education Using the internet on a
daily basis, young people learn how to implement search tools and become
digitally literate. Online access provides information on internships,
apprenticeships and summer jobs.

Opportunity to serve PowerUP online links with local volunteer organizations to
provide community-service opportunities for PowerUP youth and their families.

Pastor Curtis Thomas and his Wife Gwen Thomas see it as a blessing, as well as
hard work on the part of Sister Betty Bennett, who fought diligently against the
rest of the nation grant writers for a $250,000 grant, and came back the victor.
Another blessing showered the church in the amount of $25,000 which came from
the Empowerment Zone and enabled Covenant Baptist to purchase the office
furniture, desk and tables, digital cameras and a host of other needed
equipment. Now Covenant Baptist Church is the new home of 20 brand new
computers, and the making of a computer lab. The church has titled the lab, The
Center of Virtue Advancement. A place where kids and adults can improve their
education and computer skills.

Members of the church have gotten together with the Miami-Dade Community College
of Homestead, and created a partnership. The Homestead campus will supplement
the church with volunteers to join the others already in place, including church
member Cecelia Kemp and Awanna Alexander.

“ I believe that the computer age can expand the minds of our youth and give
them a better chance at everyday life, Kemp said.” As of now, over 40 kids of
all ages attend the computer lab daily. After leaving school, they make their
way to the church where they actually have fun while they work and play.

“ I love to work with children. I believe we, as leaders, should commit to
helping our future leaders of the world,” said Awanna Alexander, dedicating her
time to youthful growth. The computer lab is open Monday thru Thursday. From
2:30 PM to 6:30 PM. On Saturday the lab is open from, 9:30 AM to 12:30 PM.
Energize your brain with Power UP!

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