Editor’s comments

We are a welcoming addition to the local media landscape, offering a refreshing wave of stories, insights, and connections that will bring the region’s diverse communities even closer together.

The Monitor will play a pivotal role in keeping the public informed about the events and issues that directly impact their lives. Residents can look forward to a dedicated news source that will bring facts, rather than choose what we think is factual. We work only with dedicated and creditable sources, while withstanding any intimidation or coercion from any individuals, companies, or government officials. Residents can be assured that only after the vetting of information or materials by The Monitor will it be offered to the public. And accompanied with references relative to the material in question.

We will earn your trust and welcome any scrutiny and criticism you have to offer. And if necessary, I will publicly acknowledge when we are wrong, and residents are misinformed. Therefore, allowing us the opportunity to improve.
One of the most exciting aspects of The Monitor is its commitment to being a platform for community voices. We will feature the stories of our neighbors, schools, local organizations, and government.

Furthermore, The Monitor is poised to support our local businesses through features, profiles, and advertisements that will keep residents aware of what’s available in their own backyard. In addition, we will showcase those businesses that give back to their perspective communities by way of supported services and contributions.
The Monitor comes at a time when fostering a sense of unity and understanding is more critical than ever. There isn’t enough time in a day for hardworking residents, with much to do, to keep pace with the mass inundation of commercial and corporate development, and the mass influx of a growing and diverse population. All the things that have a direct effect on your way of life. This is why it is incumbent upon us at The Monitor to bring informative and necessary news to your fingertips.

We know that the success of The Monitor relies on community involvement. Residents are encouraged to share their stories, contribute articles, and engage with the newspaper through our website, www.southdademonitor.com, or other social media outlets in which we are linked.

While the historical print copy of The Monitor hangs on the walls of local museums, The Monitor digital platform will become the most engaging news source to take on the challenge of strengthening the bond between South Dade’s racial melting pot, and its cultural and traditional differences. These are the elements that make The Monitor proud to call the vibrant tapestry of Redland, Homestead, and Florida City, its home.

Nimmond Lockheart,
South Dade Monitor